Kalindu is an engineering professional specializing in the electrical power field. He graduated with a first-class BSc degree from the university. Currently, he holds the position of Area Chief Electrical Engineer in a state-owned electricity utility company. With his expertise in power systems and electrical infrastructure, Kalindu brings extensive knowledge to EcoPowerPlanet.



Zadrian is an engineering professional working in a manufacturing factory. He possesses advanced skills in PLC systems, SCADA systems, and advanced automation and control systems. His expertise in these areas enables him to understand and analyze the intricacies of industrial processes and their energy requirements. Zadrian’s experience makes him a valuable member of the EcoPowerPlanet team.

Digital media Director


Alistair is an engineering professional employed as a project engineer for a renewable energy systems installation company. With over three years of experience in the solar systems, energy storage systems, microgrids, and wind farm installation and maintenance industries, he brings a wealth of knowledge to EcoPowerPlanet. Alistair’s expertise in renewable energy technologies and project management contributes significantly to the mission of promoting green and sustainable energy solutions.